Willow Pet Hotel Reviews & Testimonials

Dear Mr. Marc Rosenzweig,

I wanted to take out a few moments to tell you about the wonderful staff you have, but especially Marie. I recently started using Willow Pet and almost immediately I took to liking Marie.  She gave me the assurance that my old man’s Charlie Brown (cat) whom is almost 22 year s old would have the best attention and care.  It is because of her that I bring my cat to your facility.  She calls me to assure me he’s OK and she calls when he isn’t doing so well.  She has to be one of the most caring people I have ever known, especially when it comes to the pets.
Be sure to let her know that I wrote this letter and because of her I have referred other people.
May god bless – I will be back in June for 2 weeks, Charlie will be there.  Stay well and have a blessed New Year.
– Nancy
P.S. Good sincere caring help is really hard to find and because of this you are truly blessed with a great lady.

To Everyone at The Willow Pet Hotel,

Thank you for taking such good care of Reggie while we were on our honeymoon. It was hard to leave him but we knew he was in good hands.
Thanks again,
-Samantha & Michael

My wife & I love it when our Dutchess pulls us through the front door of the place. She has such a great time that she doesn’t even seem to want to come home. She gets so excited in the car when we get close to Willow that I think she would rather stay there. Now that they have the TV’s in her room, she couldn’t be happier. They also give her her own bed and chew toys. I gotta say, she gets better treatment at Willow than me and the wife at some places we’ve stayed! Thanks guys for making Dutchess feel like the princess she is!
– Joe R.

I actually had to do a double take when I stumbled across the Willow Pet Hotel. We went on vacation for the first time since we got our dog peanut and had no idea what to do with her. When we arrived the staff was very warm and friendly. I was very nervous to leave her for the first time but they made us feel at home. We called to check on peanut ever day and the Hotel manger was very sweet and took the time to talk with me personally every time I called. When we pickup her up from Willow Pet Hotel she was happy and healthy. What more could we have asked for. We were so pleased with the treatment we got at Willow Pet Hotel that we even signed her up for weekly doggie day care. All I can say is thank you to the wonderful staff who were so helpful. We know when we go away this winter where peanut will be.
– Sally W.

We were so impressed with their new facility. Talk about state of the art and it looks great. I felt like we should be checking ourselves in and not our dog. Their new Deluxe suites really made us feel at ease leaving out 4 year old lab with them. The staff was warm and friendly, and she came home to us happy she smelled great too.
– Anonymous

I’ve had only positive experiences with the Willow Pet Hotel. All the staff are very friendly and competent, the managers are readily available and are a pleasure to deal with. The services they provide are fantastic and my dog, a 5 year old labrador is well taken care of every time she’s brought in. I recommend the Willow Pet to everyone. Thumbs up Willow!
– Bailey W.

What a wonderful place. The doggie day care is great…the staff treats our dog like their own. My dog gets better treatment at Willow Pet Hotel than I did at the hotel I stayed in last week. Daisy is in good hands at Willow Pet Hotel. A must see. The dog and cat suites are great they even have flat screen T.V.s. Now that’s class.
– Molly H.

Always a good experience for both us and our pets. Boarded both my dog and cat with Marc and never had a worry (which makes vacation so much better!!!). The facilities are clean and the staff professional. Best of all, it’s still run like a family owned company, not a corporation.” – madaverm “We have left our dogs here many times and have always been happy. They take excellent care of the animals and really care about their well-being. I would recommend them to anyone.
– Dee D.

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