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Dog Sitting Activities
The experienced staff at the Willow Pet Hotel understands that each pet has a unique personality and special need. Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the healthier and the happier they will be. We offer and recommend the following activities to satisfy the needs of all guests.

Private Play Time – Give dogs the kind of special love and attention that they receive at home. Sessions are customized to your dog by our Canine Physical Fitness Staff. Activities for dogs during play sessions include:

  • A game of catch – Frisbee or Ball
  • Extra workout time – Walking and Running
  • Private Cuddling and Brushing Time


Group Play Time – Our professional staff is happy to offer group play sessions for your dog in our outdoor doggie playground. Your dog can run and play in the fresh air with other dogs. Each playgroup is matched by size and play-style, supervised by staff trained in group dynamics and averages a 10 to 1 dog to counselor ratio.

Courtyard Strolls – Courtyard strolls are available daily for those dogs that prefer to eliminate outside.

Bucket of Toys – Your dog will have a ball – literally – with our Bucket of Toys. Each dog will be given a wide assortment of toys to play with, from balls to rubber bones; there is plenty to keep your dog satisfied with our Bucket of Toys.


Cat Activities
Pampered Pet Sessions – Give your cat the kind of special love and attention that he or she receives from you at home. Sessions are customized to your cat’s preferences by our special team of Cat Pamperers. Activities for cats in our custom-designed catteries include:

Petting and cuddling

Feathering stimulation

Chasing toys

**All activities can be purchased individually or as an Activity Package. Our Customer Care Representative will be happy to design an activity plan that is perfect for your pet.


A few of the standard services we offer to dog boarding guests include:

  • Extra Dog Exercise Time
  • Special Diets
  • Administration of Medication
  • Kennel Baths
  • Regular Grooming and Bath Time
  • Fresh Blankets and Pillows
  • Beds
  • Snack Time With Special Treats


reserve_dog_boardingKindly know, we have limited boarding and day care reservation availability.  We book up during busy holiday and travel seasons.  Request your reservation to secure your pet’s accommodations at our popular pet resort.


Exceptional Services   |   Activities   |   Hours   |   Why Us?   |   Rates