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Pet Hotel’s Barking Business is Booming

The Rosenzweig family has owned and operated the Willow Pet Hotel since 1969.

After almost 43 years in business, the first Long Island pet hotel, the family-owned and operated Willow Pet Hotel, is still reeling in the customers of both the human and canine variety.Current owner and Deer Park resident Marc Rosenzweig, has been working at the hotel since he was 5 years old, taking over for his father in 1988 after his family purchased the business in 1969.

“We have been doing this our entire lives. My father decided he didn’t want to become a veterinarian after going to vet school. He wanted to find an alternative means to taking care of animals,” said Rosenzweig.

Pet Hotel's Barking Business is BoomingPet Hotel's Barking Business is BoomingPet Hotel's Barking Business is BoomingPet Hotel's Barking Business is Booming

Rosenzweig said the quality of care of the animals is what keeps coming customers back for more, especially during their busy summer season. “Nowadays people are treating their animals as if they’re children, when we have been doing it all along,” he said. “We are almost sold out for Labor Day weekend.”

Pets at the hotel are not only taken care of, but can also be pampered in luxury suites that encompass 80 square feet of space of each animal including around the clock classical music, room service, bottled water, a bedtime snack and even flat screen televisions.

“We only play the Disney channel on the TV for the dogs as we had a cute little incident,” said Rosenzweig who said a program on Animal Planet once caused a stir with the guests. “The dog on the TV barked first and everybody else kept barking, so I started thumbing through the channels to see what I could change it to…Hannah Montana was singing a song and within inside of two minutes everybody quieted back down.”

The hotel not only offers boarding for pet owners, but also doggy day care, spa treatments and obedience training as well as full-service grooming, provided by general manager, Alex Fischetti.

“Alexandra has been a master groomer of over 25 years,” he said. “She is originally a dog breeder and handler for Westminister. She grew up with animals just like I did.”

Doggy Daycare at the facility is available for both whole day and half day rates.

“If Mom and Dad want to go to New York City for the afternoon…the dog gets to play in Doggy Daycare all day and we give them a little treat for lunch time. We try to accommodate all needs,” he said.

Dogs and cats are the animals most boarded, but birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and even pot belly pigs are available to be cared for.

The Willow Pet Hotel has a basic boarding rate but there are packages available for every price range.

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